Undertaking a career change can be massive. It is massive whem you are 45 and have been in the same career for over 20 years.  It is massive when you are looking for a new career and trying to learn on your own when spending as little as possible and still trying. Advertisements


I have been working diligently,  as time allows, on my computer programming skills.  As I have begun testing the waters,  I am slowly remembering some of the online coursework I have been attempting.  I have completed coursework on in PHP, am working on html,  JS, and have completed course work on SASS. I am […]

A busy week.

I am enjoying the weekend after a busy week. As a current school teacher, there are alot of challenges. I enjoy the students but enjoy technology as well. I spent a part of the little free time I have had in the evenings continuing to read about and try to learn Linux. I am going […]

Programming Career And Education 

Sometimes I feel like I am beginning all over again. I am currently a school teacher and am seriously thinking about changing careers. I regained an interest in programming and computer science about a year ago when I attended a teacher training presented by I immediately began having my students working with basic programming […]